• Manual pallet truck: advantages and applicable scenarios

    Manual pallet truck, also known as manual pallet jack, are an essential tool in the material handling industry. They are widely used to transport and lift palletized goods in a variety of environments, including warehouses, retail stores and manufacturing facilities. In this article, we’ll explor...
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  • Manual Pallet Jacks: A Comprehensive Guide to Proper Use and Maintenance

    Manual pallet Jacks, also known as manual pallet trucks, are essential tools for handling heavy objects in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. The correct use of manual pallet trucks not only ensures the safety of operators and transported goods, but also helps improve wor...
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  • What is the Difference between Low Profile Jack and Regular Jack

    When it comes to moving heavy items in warehouses and logistics facilities, having the right equipment can make all the difference. One of the key tools in this regard is the pallet jack, a versatile and essential piece of equipment that can move and transport palletized goods with ease. In recen...
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  • When should you choose a manual standard hand pallet jack?

    One of the main advantages of manual standard hand pallet jack is their simplicity and ease of use. With more than 10 years of industry experience, our company knows the importance of providing customers with suitable models based on their actual needs. Our team of experts are dedicated to recomm...
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  • Advantages of electric pallet truck compared with hand pallet truck?

    Electric pallet truck, in a word, it is a pallet truck use electric as power energy which is the battery that we usually talk about. In order to better show the advantages of electric pallet trucks, we take manual pallet truck to make a relative comparison. 1.Performance.electric pallet truck has...
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  • How to buy a right hand pallet truck for your warehouse using?

    How to buy a right hand pallet truck for your warehouse using?

    Hand pallet truck is used to carry a variety of mechanical machinery or other heavy objects, it can also be used with jack, hand sling and other lifting tools to reduce the intensity of labor, improve the purpose of work efficiency, is a good assistant for factory.Hand p...
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  • Daily Manual pallet Truck FAQs

    Daily Manual pallet Truck FAQs

    Hand pallet jack is a basic equipment when it comes to manual handling. They are often the first piece of kit that a business might invest in when it comes to their storage or warehouse needs. What is a hand pallet truck? A hand pallet truck, also known as pallet truck...
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  • What Are the Different Types of Hand Pallet Jacks?

    What Are the Different Types of Hand Pallet Jacks?

    Pallet jacks also can be called pallet trucks,pallet trolley,pallet mover or pallet lifter etc.It is a tool which used for load different kinds of pallets in warehouse,plant,hospital,anywhere that need cargo transfer use. Since there are different types of pallet jacks, ...
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  • Manual Pallet Truck Maintenance and Safety Operation Guide

    Manual Pallet Truck Maintenance and Safety Operation Guide

    You might meet some problem when using a hand pallet truck,this article,can help you solve most problems you might have and give you correct guide to using a pallet truck safty and long lifespan. 1. Hydraulic Oil problems Please check the oil level every six months. The oil capacity is about 0.3l...
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